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My name is Katja Gibson and I restore paintings. I have a studio in Falls Church, VA and work closely with my friend, teacher and business partner, Stephen Kniss. Life is the studio is filled with chemical odors, some beautiful paintings some mediocre heirlooms, eccentric clients and lots of tedious work. We try to do right for the paintings which we love and respect. Every painting that comes through our hands tells a story but not every story has a happy ending. A day in the studio can be exciting like the day I discovered a beautiful 17th century original under an ugly 19th century still life, but it can also be devastating, like the day I discovered a little too late that the painting is a “shrinker” as it shriveled up to a prune in 30 seconds right in front of my eyes. I will try to tell stories, all true, to open a window into the conservation and restoration studio without being too technical and too boring. And if you have a question about restoration process, or a painting that needs attention, I will be glad to help.

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